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Lifting Group prepares to grow in 2022

The Strategy & Marketing consultancy Lifting Group expects to raise its turnover this year.

Recently, the results for 2021 were presented, and these display a strong upward trend and unbeatable perspectives for the next fiscal year.

A phase of consolidation of growth and structural changes in the Services verticals has been embarked on, with improvements to organizational structure, processes and month-to-month control and performance tools, as well as over the margin of contribution of each team to the overall tallying of the work, which have, taken all in all, made it possible to close the year 20/21 with turnover of 1.7 million euros.


The improvements that have taken place are centring on the structure and model of definition of the objectives of the Digital Marketing Services, as well as the incorporation of new strategic figures of value for the company, like the team leaders of the service verticals.

This is a new profile which is incorporated into the organization chart to facilitate the processes; to dimension the teams and resources better, and to work on and improve the relationship with the client: in summary, to reinforce Team, Services and Business strategically.

This last year the internal team of Imagine Digital has been consolidated: this is focussing on developing digital projects, incorporating methodologies for the control and improvement of the workflows. New services related to cybersecurity have been defined and created: these will bring added value to tracking and maintenance of digital projects.

The integration of the audiovisual producer Otto Films, within Imagine Visual, is another improvement that has stamped 2021. Thus, a series of actions centring on raising the brand visibility of Imagine Creative Ideas, the creative agency of the group, have been started.

A new segmentation model has been designed and launched, there are more incentives by teams, and the teams have finally consolidated CMI as the tool for monitoring their own performance month-to-month, as well as monitoring the margin of contribution of each team. This enables strategic decisions to be taken using a much broader and more accurate approach.  

Beyond these challenges, Lifting Group has established a series of additional measures, focussing on continuous improvement of the service verticals, and the 4 verticals into which it is structured:

Digital Marketing

This centers on obtaining growth through the digital channel, using tools that offer greater scope to companies, such as being a Google Partner or the experience of working together with marketplaces like Amazon.

Marketing Outsourcing

This consists of offering structure to small and medium enterprises. Being at the client's side to define the marketing initiatives and actions to yield better performance for the business, and which will be seen in measurable results in the short and/or long term.

 Consultoría Estratégica

After analyzing the business, an effective Channels Strategy is established, which takes into account the products and services, both current and potential, as well as their markets and the new business units or the possibility of internationalization.

Advertising design and creativity

A creative team with capacity to develop digital projects, as well as audiovisual ones.

The objectives set for the first semester center on increasing the Strategic Consultancy projects by 500%, making the Digital Marketing services grow (+25%), and increasing the Marketing Outsourcing, 20% more than in 2022.


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